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Impact of the introduction and withdrawal of financial incentives on the delivery of alcohol screening and brief advice in English primary health care: an interrupted time-series analysis

Removing a financial incentive for UK general practitioners for alcohol prevention was associated with an immediate and sustained reduction in the rate of screening for alcohol use and brief advice provision.

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Spatio‐temporal assessment of illicit drug use at large scale: evidence from 7 years of international wastewater monitoring

The analysis of wastewater to quantify drug loads provides near real‐time drug use estimates that globally correspond to prevalence and seizure data.

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The changing patterns and correlates of population‐level polysubstance use in Australian youth: a multi‐group latent class analysis of nationally representative samples spanning 12 years

Between 2004 and 2016, four in 10 young Australians used some psychoactive substances and one in 10 used an extensive range of substances.

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